‘Tis the season to get married!

Hello there! Sooo….

As I was sitting in church the other day, I realized that lately the biggest topic of discussion has been people getting married, engaged, or the number of weddings being attended. Heck, I had a wedding to go to on Sunday too!

Which reminded me of the fact that we are all  UNFAITHFUL WHORES!

Now, before you get all up in my face about why I have the audacity to call us out as whores, let me explain:

You are a whore. You’re an unfaithful whore, a rebellious enemy, an orphan, in debt, unsaved, you have no inheritance — you are a sinner.

This is just the plain truth about who we are. Without Christ, our sinful nature takes over and we’re about as good as the dirt of the earth. We have nothing to hope for, no one to look to – under this nature we are dead. As a result, there is absolutely no way – it’s literally impossible – for us to try to meet the standard God has set for us by the law: perfection. More than that, we deserve the full wrath of God that comes with our failure to meet his standards, which if you ask me is absolutely and completely terrifying/mortifying/any other strong adjective along the same lines.

BUT (and it’s a big but too 😏), we have Jesus Christ. It is because and through him that when we stand before Yahweh the judge he says to us, “you are innocent”. We’ve been charged with the righteousness of Christ instead of our own sinful merit. He does the rescuing and the reconciling and the marrying. We’re no longer unfaithful whores but brides to Christ. The saving is not a result of your own works, and thank God for that too, but as a result of what Christ did on the cross. I am made alive because of him not because of anything I tried to do. We’re in this unending, unconditional, faithful covenant with him where we literally have to do nothing for it. We have nothing to offer us, but he has everything to give. If you think about it, it’s unfathomable how this omnipotent God can love such sinners as us and can claim us as his children. This God that spoke the world into motion, speaks me to be innocent, something that I cannot comprehend it but I am eternally grateful for it.

Just a thought!


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