Who am I?

Hey there – it’s time for a new blog post! How exciting!

So I’ve been thinking, as indicated by the fact that I’m now posting something lol…. It seems that the biggest things in my life right now are school and college apps, which understandably those should be the biggest things. Anyways, if I had to sum up these last few months in one statement, it would be “please describe to us in some number of words who you are.”

Let me just start and say, I hate answering this question😐 with a passion. How the actual heck am I supposed to relate to someone who i am? “I like food and Netflix. Please accept me” — that doesn’t adequately explain me lol

The thing is, on my own, I cannot describe myself because describing who I am means describing all of the events that have happened in my life, all of the people who have helped shape who I am.

I could take this in a theological perspective, but I’ll save that for later. The bottom line is this: who I am is not a result of only the qualities I posses, but rather I possess those qualities and character traits because of the people who have impacted me and the events that have molded me into the person that I am.

Alright, that’s all for now.
– toast 🙂


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