The reason I created a blog

If you had ever told me to create a blog, I probably would’ve laughed in your face and then proceeded to list the reasons of why I shouldn’t create one or how I don’t need to create a blog or whatever. So although those reasons might still exist, I’ve created a blog anyways. Why? Because I need an outlet (and no, not like the one on the wall). My thoughts and ideas and fantasies create situations and probabilities in my head that are more than likely never going to happen. So instead of bottling them up or trying to tell someone with the minimal number of details, as to not expose every aspect of your personal life, I’ve decided to create a blog for me – a “mind palace” of sorts where I can let go of the things in my head and write them down (or in this case type). This blog will contain the inner most contents of my thoughts and just how insightfully blind I really am to the world. Warning: there will be lots of criticism, not because I’m a negative person but more because I don’t feel like containing them anymore.


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